Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook Users Get Worse Grades in College

Facebook users have lower overall grades than non-users, according to a survey of college students who also ironically said the social networking site does not interfere with studying.

That disconnect between perception and reality does not necessarily mean that Facebook leads to less studying and worse grades -- the grades association could be caused by something else. However, it does raise more questions about how students spend their time outside class on activities such as Facebook, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities.

"I'm just saying that there's some kind of relationship there, and there's many third variables that need to be studied," said Aryn Karpinski, an education researcher at Ohio State University.

Her study found that Facebook user GPAs were in the 3.0 to 3.5 range on average, compared to 3.5 to 4.0 for non-users. Facebook users also studied anywhere from one to five hours per week, compared to non-users who studied 11 to 15 or more hours per week.

However, Karpinski emphasized that correlation does not equal causation, meaning Facebook use might not be the culprit behind lower GPAs or less study time.

For instance, students who spend more time enjoying themselves rather than studying might tend to latch onto the nearest distraction, such as Facebook. Or students who use the social networking site might also spend more time on other non-studying activities such as sports or music.

The study did show that students who work more hours at jobs spend less time on Facebook, while students involved in more extracurricular activities were also more likely to use Facebook.

Such results may help Karpinski and other researchers better understand the profile of the average user on the popular social networking site. Early findings show that over 85 percent of undergrads use Facebook, compared to 52 percent of grad students.

Karpinski herself does not use Facebook, although her coauthor does. She expressed some bemusement over how quickly students rose to the defense of their online activities, even though she took care not to introduce a positive or negative bias into her survey questions.

"They're very territorial about their Facebook," Karpinski told LiveScience.

The research will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Education Research

Weird Cars

Cheapest ever car breakdown service

Cheapest ever car breakdown service
I know that the biggest car breakdown services offer some great deals so you can make some huge savings. However; it seems that one breakdown service has got a little too far in saving money.

Custom made 1925 Ford Model T Thermos Truck: Thermosmobile

Custom made 1925 Ford Model T Thermos Truck: Thermosmobile
Now this is a cool looking custom built truck called the “Thermosmobile” it is a 1925 Ford Model T Thermos Truck which is owned by Larry Canova of Norwich, CT. The Thermos Truck is now at the Golden Age of Trucking Museum in Middlebury Connecticut.

Hey kids do not worry if school bus flips over

dont worry if the school bus flips
This is one custom built school bus that can crash and flip over and still drive, ok the kids in the bus may be a little thrown around but at least the driver can drive the school bus on its roof. This is a very cool custom built school bus that should win awards.

A motorhome made from wood: damn rednecks

A motorhome made from wood: damn rednecks
There are some very nice motorhomes on the market, some of them are massive and when you walk inside it is like another world. However you can always get hold of a redneck motorhome, however I am not sure how tough it will be as it is made from wood.

Not a hot rod but a hot hog

Not a hot rod but a hot hog
We all know that Americans love their hot rods, but I am not sure if these new type of cars will ever take off. They are called hot hogs and they called end up being the hottest things on four wheels.

Weird Things Top Ten Most Expensive Cars

We thought we would give you our top ten most expensive cars, ok now your thinking what the heck as this got to do with WEIRD. Well it has got to be weird that the muppets spend obscene amounts of cash for a car, now do you get it?

The Peugeot concept car looks wicked but weird

Peugeot concept car looks wicked but weird
Looking at the Peugeot concept car very quickly and you get the likeness of the Bugatti Veyron, but look closer and I say it looks much better than the Bugatti. Do you like this cool but weird looking concept car?

No it is not a weird tank but you are one lucky trucker

lucky trucker
The picture at a quick glimpse looks like a truck converted into a tank, ok maybe it does not but can I have a little fun here come on. All I know is the person in the truck was one lucky mother trucker.

How to make a Bugatti Veyron hotter: stick a hot sexy girl on it

How to make a Bugatti Veyron hotter: stick a hot sexy girl on it
No one can deny that the hottest car on our road today is the Bugatti Veyron, and no car maker could ever make the car look any hotter.

However all it takes to make the world’s fastest road car hotter is to let a sexy woman lay across it.

VW Beetle customized to look like Volkswagon police cruiser

Volkswagon custom police cruiser
Now for some reason a weird man by the name of Archie Garner who is an assistant Chief Deputy decided to refit his VW Beetle which is a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle to be precise because he wanted it to be part of the police forces fleet.

Now you see the retro custom Volkswagon police cruiser that will do a little 70 mph, oops we can see the criminals getting away mate.

Miss Piggy has got herself a new car: Beatle turned into a pig

Miss Piggy has got herself a new car: Beatle turned into a pig
After so much searching I have finally found the car that Miss Piggy drives. One thing that I do not understand, why turn a Beatle into a Pig.

Volkswagen Bus Ball: Would you drive this bizarre VW microbus?

Volkswagen Bus Ball 1
Yes ok there are some strange and wonderful cars in this world we all live in but when it comes to complete utter madness and weird ways, this Volkswagen Bus Ball has to be the craziest. What a piece of art baby.

Volkswagen Bus Ball 2

Weird alien custom built car: Bloody scary mate

Weird alien custom built car
There are some weird custom built cars in this world but the owner of this weird car is either twisted, in love with Sigourney Weaver or he just loves the film Alien. Hey if you are the owner of this car please do contact us we want to know more you nutter.

Weird looking car that has leopard print custom paintjob

leopard print custom car
It seems the person behind this weird looking car is owned by an animal lover or just someone with a fetish for print. What do you think of this custom paint job?

Weird Crocodile Funny Racing Car, Bite me

Ok so there are drag cars, funny cars and racing cars, but have you ever seen a weird crocodile funny racing car.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seashell House in Mexico City

This seashell inspired abode was built by designed by Senosiain Arquitectos for a couple in Mexico City. It’s amazing. It has to be seen to be believed, so there’s a bunch more pictures after the jump. My wife said if our next house isn’t like this she’ll divorce me. And I could tell she wasn’t lying.

“Taking cues from a Nautilus shell, the house is put together using ferrocement construction, a technique involving a frame of steel-reinforced chicken wire with a special two-inch-thick composite of concrete spread over it, resulting in a structure that’s earthquake-proof and maintenance-free.”

Before I saw this I didn’t even know I wanted to live in a giant shell, but now I totally do. Anybody want to get together on weekends and start construction of something similar? And obviously by ’start construction’ I mean go kill the world’s largest nautilus and live in its shell.

Balloon Art

Think you know it all. Well, you really don't.

  1. The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.

  2. No piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven (7) times.

  3. Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

  4. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.

  5. The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

  6. The King of Hearts is the only king without a mustache.

  7. American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one (1) olive from each salad served in first-class.

  8. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise. (Since Venus is normally associated with women,what does this tell you!)

  9. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.

  10. Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

  11. The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer.So did the first "Marlboro Man."

  12. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

  13. Pearls melt in vinegar.

  14. The three most valuable brand names on earth:
    1. Marlboro
    2. Coca Cola
    3. Budweiser
  15. It is possible to lead a cow upstairs... but, not downstairs.

  16. A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.

  17. Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least six (6) feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. (I keep my toothbrush in the living room now!)

  18. Richard Millhouse Nixon was the first U.S. president whose name contains all the letters from the word "criminal."

    The second? William Jefferson Clinton

  19. And the best for last... Turtles can breathe through their butts.