Saturday, March 29, 2008

Real Plane Crash

Important:The person(camera-man) who took these photos,also died in this accident! (These photos were found in a digital Casio Z750, amidst the remains in Serra do Cachimbo. Although the camera was destroyed, the Memory Stick was recovered. Investigating the serial number of the camera the owner could be identified, as Paulo G. Muller, an actor of a theatre for children known in the outskirts of Porto Alegre .)

The two photos attached below were taken by one of the passengers in the B737, after the collision and before the aircraft crashed. You will never get to see photos like this.
In the second photo there is a gaping hole in the fuselage through which you can see the tailplane and vertical fin of the aircraft.
In the first photo one of the passengers is being sucked out of the gaping hole.

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mior zulkarnain mohd zamhuri said...

I'm sorry to say this but this is not a boeing 737 Aircraft. It's a B747 aircraft. Boeing 737 is not a wide bodied aircraft and that's the vertical stabiliser of a Boeing 747 shown on the 2nd photo.